Turn screen-time into family time again

At Present we have the mission to help families to spend quality time together without the constant disturbance of smartphones

Turn screen-time into family time again

At Present we have the mission to help families to spend quality time together without the constant disturbance of smartphones

Why it matters.

Because we only have 18 years with our children

In an era dominated by digital distractions, every moment of quality interaction counts towards our children's emotional, cognitive, and social development. Excessive screen time not only robs us of these fleeting years but also hinders our ability to be present and attentive to their needs, aspirations, and milestones. Let's make every hour count!

Source: Reclaiming Conversation, Sherry Turkle

Because our children need us to set boundaries

Today's world of social media, mobile games and chatting apps can quickly become overwhelming and addictive for our children. By establishing healthy guidelines for the whole family, we empower our children to develop a balanced relationship with technology, fostering their creativity, critical thinking, and real-world engagement.

Source: Pew Research Center

Charge up to 4 devices simultanously

The Oval is designed to charge up to 4 devices wirelessly at the same time with 15 watt. Besides your smartphone, the station can also be used for AirPods with MagSafe functionality
    Which phone models are compatible?

    Personalize lighting

    With the help of the present app you can personalize Ovals lighting to the fullest. Easily change the colour, adapt brightness or set yourself individual automations (e.g. sunrise/sunset mode)
      How can I manage lighting?

      Lock your phone

      With the accompanying present app you can set a timer and lock the OVAL for a desired period of time. For very urgent cases you can unlock the station manually. Don't worry if you come home to a locked station. The locking feature is designed for individuals and families alike. Oval allows you to place your phone in the station at any point in time.

        What can I do if I need my phone after locking?

        Locking - simple as 1,2,3

        1. Set timer in app

        Start the process of locking your phone by setting a timer in the PRESENT app. Simply choose the desired locking time and hit start

        2. Place your phone in the OVAL

        After hitting start, place your phone on one of the four charging pads inside the OVAL

        3. Close the station and relax

        Close the station. The timer will automatically start running down once the station is closed

        Become more accountable

        Set yourself personal phone-free goals and easily track your progress. Having clear guidelines in place can help you and and your family be more intentional and mindful about how you use your phone while spending time together.

          Can I review the usage of my children with Present?

          Unique design

          The OVAL's sleek, minimalistic design is inspired by the timeless elegance of German craftsmanship, while its high-quality materials ensure that it is built to last. Whether you place it in your entrance, living room, kitchen or office, the OVAL will seamlessly integrate into your environment.


          How do I know if my phone supports wireless charging?

          Go to the website and type in your smartphone's name or model. A detailed description of your device will be displayed. If "Wireless charging" is mentioned in the battery settings, then the device can be charged wirelessly. Otherwise, you can only charge your device via a cable.

          Is wireless charging bad for battery?

          You won't experience any battery degradation with wireless charging. You can actually extend the battery's lifespan by using a wireless charger. Research has shown that keeping a battery topped up above 50% can be less harmful than letting it drain under 10% before charging.

          How many smartphones fit into the present station?

          You can fit a total of 4 smartphones in the station at the same time.

          Is the Oval family friendly?

          Yes, the station is easy to use. The locking mechanism will prevent kids from accessing their parents' smartphones without permission.

          How can I lock my smartphone in the station?

          You can set a timer on the present app for the duration you would like to put your smartphone away. Once the timer is set all you have to do is place your smartphone in the station and close it. The timer will then start automatically for the duration set at the beginning.

          What if I need my smartphone in an emegency?

          In an emergency situation or during a power outage you can open the station with a fail safe button. This button can be reached with a needle and allows you to manually unlock the station.

          Why is it important to disconnect from your smartphone every now and then?

          Having a healthy balance between being online and offline is crucial for your mental health, physical health and the relationship with your family and friends. The constant distraction of our phones often stops us or interferes with self reflection, time to relax and spending time with loved ones.

          Do I need a new landline phone to use the call-forwarding function?

          Yes, you need a present landline phone. The bluetooth functionality of the present phone will enable seamless call-forwarding. Once set up you can enjoy making calls while your smartphone is tucked away in the docking station. Check out our package offering for a discounted present landline phone.

          How do I connect my smartphone to the docking station?

          Your smartphone and the docking station will be connected via Bluetooth. When pairing the devices for the first time the process is very similar to connecting e.g. Bluetooth speakers. After the initial set up your smartphone will automatically connect to the present station after placing it inside.

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